Breathing is at the core of our lives, and because it is automatic, we so seldom give breathing the place it deserves in our thoughts. Yet, think of how often the breath invades our everyday, and not so everyday language…

  • Breath takes on spiritual dimensions and importance in so many walks of faith. “The breath of life.” 
  • Breath is how we talk about taking in beauty, renewal, opportunity. “That talk we had was like a breath of fresh air.” 
  • Breathing is how we know we can relax, feel safe; and not breathing means we’re suffocating – we’re not safe, figuratively or literally. “Wow – I feel like I can breathe again.” 
  • Breathing is how we communicate, and how we honor an important secret in trust. “Please, don’t breathe a word of this!”

Breath is everywhere and always. Maybe you knew this, but did you know that taking the time to breathe slowly can not only help you calm down in a stressful moment (“Hey, slow down! Just take a breath…”) but if done even for two minutes a day, you can experience better decision-making in your daily life?

Check out this great article from Psychology Today by Christopher Bergland. It could change your life!