How to Deal with Coronavirus Anxieties

Here is a marvelous article from Huffington Post – What Therapists Tell Patients Who Are Anxious About Coronavirus

Can My Childhood Affect My Health As An Adult?

Oh, my – yes! The Centers for Disease Control conducted a famous study on Adverse Childhood Experiences, which demonstrated clear links between such experiences  (from the categories of Abuse, Neglect and Family Dysfunction) and problematic behavior, as well as negative physical and mental health problems. The good news, though, is that trauma-informed therapy and practices (like…

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So, What IS this EMDR thing?

Momma Didn’t Lick Me As A Pup

A great article on the impact of strong maternal behavior (licking) from rat mommas. The implications for EMDR, especially the Pre-Verbal Trauma protocols produced by Sandra Paulsen, are fascinating to consider. I LOVE neurobiology and the brain’s (even DNA’s) capacity to heal.

How Can Rhino Lips Heal Trauma?

Here’s one of my best memories – feeding apples to Greater One-Horned Rhinos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Any time I think of this moment, I simply can’t keep myself from smiling. It was such a sweet thing to see these huge beasts act so gently and socially with my daughter and me….

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Breathe Out, Slowly

Breathing is at the core of our lives, and because it is automatic, we so seldom give breathing the place it deserves in our thoughts. Yet, think of how often the breath invades our everyday, and not so everyday language… Breath takes on spiritual dimensions and importance in so many walks of faith. “The breath of…

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Greater Joy in Daily Life

It doesn’t take a whole new routine to instill a dose of joy into your day—it’s about embracing the whole picture. 1. Practicing Gratitude as a Key Part of Life. Research shows, grateful people are happy people. It’s also important to understand that happiness is not the absence of negative feelings. Gratitude is a focus…

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