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My Healing and Yours (and generations’ to come?)

“My boy. My beautiful boy.” It’s the last line from Naima Coster’s novel, What’s Mine and Yours. It’s a line full of angst and irony, a mother deeply and inexorably in love with her adult son, who has made a complete mess of his life and relationships. First, this book is simply fantastic! But beyond the…

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Momma Didn’t Lick Me As A Pup

A great article on the impact of strong maternal behavior (licking) from rat mommas. The implications for EMDR, especially the Pre-Verbal Trauma protocols produced by Sandra Paulsen, are fascinating to consider. I LOVE neurobiology and the brain’s (even DNA’s) capacity to heal. https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/epigenetics/rats/

Can Rhino Lips Heal Trauma?

Here’s one of my best memories – feeding apples to Greater One-Horned Rhinos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Any time I think of this moment, I simply can’t keep myself from smiling. It was such a sweet thing to see these huge beasts act so gently and socially with my daughter and me….

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