Recently, I read Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny, by Kate Manne, Ph.D.
If you think you have room to criticize Simone Biles, I refer you to both Manne’s exceptionally rigorous treatment of the commoditization and dehumanization of women, and to the slightly less academic, yet equally astute decision tree below.
The notion that anyone has the right to degrade, downgrade or insinuate any lacking of character on the part of a person for insisting on health (mental or otherwise) is ludicrous and has no part in public or private conversation. She spoke up to ensure her own mental health, and that of generations of others coming after her – if we will allow her voice to be heard. I am honestly in awe of this brave, disciplined and compassionate individual. She stands as a prime example of a human being, and against the demands of a bloated, predominantly white, consumerist culture who feels entitled to being entertained by the young black athlete-thing.
Kudos to you, Mx. Biles! Unentertained, I am humbled and inspired by you. Thank you for gracing us with your strength, and be well.
Are You Allowed to Criticize Simone Biles?: A Decision Tree
Are You Allowed to Criticize Simone Biles?: A Decision Tree
“Following superstar gymnast Simone Biles citing concerns of mental health after shockingly